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Analytics at Operational Scale


Accessible Data

We help organisations link their data strategies with their business strategies, through education, technical training and ongoing value-creation programs.


We help our clients integrate hundreds of different data sources and systems – fast – with solutions that are visual and accessible to everyone.


Intelligent Data

Big Data doesn’t mean a thing unless we’re solving your problems.  Let us show you how we can use the right mix of data sources and technology to solve your pressing business problems.


From our Blog

Why We Blog – A Commitment to Our Core

But if it was simply about adding value and raising awareness, this blog would not have lasted. The real reason we blog is because it’s an expression of one of our core values, “Teach and Learn”.

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CTools: Using a Pentaho CDE form as an input form (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the post about using a Pentaho CTools Community Dashboard Editor (CDE) form to send data to a Pentaho transformation (see Part 1) .  This means that we can use a CDE form to allow users to put data into the Pentaho system and it can be used for ......

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