About BizCubed


We provide analytics at operational scale, allowing organisations to make better decisions each day.

BizCubed is an Australian company that enables business leaders and their teams to make better decisions each day since 2006.

We work with national insurers, banks, transportation companies, medical companies, retailers and government agencies at the state and federal level to create significant value.


Our Data Engineering and Enablement Platform (DEEP) applies engineering principles to make sense of data and provides a robust foundation from which processes can be automated, streamlined and continuously improved.

By engineering the foundational building blocks that solve the hard problems for their clients, we free up space and time for innovation and growth.

Meet BizCubed’s Management Team


Founder and CEO

Zach has more than 20 years of experience delivering data driven programs of work. He was originally trained as an engineer and approaches technology with a robust and systematic mindset. He has an MBA from NYU where he studied Finance, Entrepreneurship and Management. Zach’s unique balance of technical capability, strategic vision, and commercial sensibility make him an exceptionally fit leader in today’s digital landscape. He’s the oldest of 8 kids and grew up in rural Oregon.


Enablement Manager

Anna recently joined BizCubed as Enablement Manager. Anna brings over 20 years of experience across project management, marketing and client management. She has been worked across multiple sectors, such as healthcare, engineering and food – and has an agile approach to complex customer challenges.


Director of Strategic Development

Gary Fisher has served in an advisory capacity at BizCubed since July of 2019. Gary brings over 40 years of combined experience across IT, Sales, and Consulting. He has been instrumental in helping BizCubed to build a strategic partnership with Hitachi, where he was previously Managing Director of Hitachi Consulting in Australia. Gary’s perspective, network, and keen sense of opportunity help to steer BizCubed toward innovative and award-winning partnerships. In his personal time, Gary enjoys cruising the long and winding roads of the Australian coastline on his motorbike.


Marketing Manager

Maxx joined BizCubed’s management team as Marketing Manager in August of 2020. He brings more than 10 years working as a team leader in social service and retail operations. Maxx’s recent experience as Operations Systems Analyst at a prominent social enterprise in Seattle, Wa. gives him a unique perspective on the value of BizCubed’s products and services. Maxx is a life-long athlete and enjoys cooking, reading, travelling, and chocolate.


Project Delivery Manager

Diego has been responsible for the delivery, delight and growth of BizCubed’s key accounts over the past 5 years. He also has over 20 years of experience in Funds Management and Investment Analysis working for some of Australia’s and Europe’s largest financial institutions. Diego obtained an MBA from UTS majoring in Finance and Funds Management. Originally from Mexico City, Diego is a committed BJJ practitioner and cyclist


Service Delivery Manager

Scott hails from an electronic engineering background and has worked in the communications industry for the last 25 years, 5 years in the military fixing radio equipment and the last 20 years for global communications companies. Moving through 1st and 2nd level support roles and into management, he has spent the last 15 years in Australia working extensively in Customer Support and Managed Services environments, managing the delivery of support services to large Australian behemoths. He is a keen sports fan and dedicated football (soccer) Afficionado.

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