BizCubed Ad-Hoc Services


BizCubed ad-hoc services gives you a set of skilled business intelligence resources to keep your Business Analytics platform running smoothly. 

Under this engagement model our experts turn around deliverables quickly. This service is suitable for common system tasks such as :

✔ Building and modifying pre-defined reports / dashboards
✔ Minor modifications to ETL process
✔ Mapping dimension tables in a warehouse
✔ Constructing simple data load processes

To avoid open-ended commitments you purchase blocks of Pentaho expertise in advance. The service has clear parameters so you can effectively manage work flow and resources. Our ad-hoc service operators specify and quote on every request. Tasks that are less than 4 hours are scheduled automatically. There is a 24 hour cap on each task in the queue. If the operators expect a task to exceed the 24 hour cap, they look for ways to chunk the work down into smaller deliverables.

We build a replica environment for each ad-hoc services customer. Along with our tracking system, this configuration removes the need for time consuming briefings and repeated information hand overs.

How it Works

1. Set-Up

  • Initial consultation to determine infrastructure requirements and clarify engagement methodology (examples: we replicate issues in a clone of your environment, we work in  your development environment)
  • We set up an environment to your standards on a dedicated workstation in our technology lab, enabling fast delivery
  • We document all of the detailed nuance of your implementation so our team can deliver results fast

2. Assessment

  • Requests Submitted
  • A service operator assesses your service request and automatically puts it into the queue if the task will take less than the pre-approved 4 hour threshold
  • If the estimate is greater than the pre-approved threshold, it is sent to you for approval

    3. Execution

    • Work in the queue is executed to the standards and engagement methodology defined in the set-up step
    • Delivery of work products is completed and confirmed with you

      Other Program Features

      • Fast delivery on demand
      • Weekly reporting of tasks, time remaining, and current status
      • Early notice of running out of hours – when you reach 80% of used hours we will notify you to determine if you would like to buy a new package
      • Access to expert knowledge and best practices for your platform
      • Regular deliver of day to day tasks gets you more out of your BI program

      BizCubed’s ad-hoc services, which are distinct from the software support (levels 1,2 and 3) that you may receive under the Pentaho Software Agreement, are designed to accelerate the usage, acceptance, and development of your BI solution.

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