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BizCubed Managed Service

The BizCubed “Data Engineering and Enablement Platform” (DEEP) is a managed service program designed to enable your team to deliver the analytics goals you wish to pursue. We accomplish this by ensuring that both day to day processes are operational on an ongoing basis and by supplying your team with the know-how and coaching required to deliver analytics at an operational scale.

Operational readiness is delivered by ensuring that your data management processes and systems are managed and maintained so that data and information is available on time every day.  This is a pro-active service designed to address issues before they interrupt business operations and provide a platform that your team can use to focus on their distinct strategic outcomes.  This program is designed to be as lightweight on source systems as possible and can be tailored for specific use-cases.  The capabilities as currently implemented will very easily plug into the existing infrastructure and provide the outcomes that both teams require.

We ensure that your team’s focus is productive by delivering a methodology based around tools training, best practice mentoring and implementation coaching. Our methodology is aimed at accelerating the delivery of scalable analytics processes.

The BizCubed “Data Engineering and Enablement Platform” is a fully built and maintained solution that has the following features.

Program Summary

Data Engineering

1. BizCubed “Data Engineering” tools, frameworks and best practices

a. Rapid  Acquisition Framework

b. Control Table and Restart Framework

c. BizCubed build, maintenance and recovery automation

i.  Nightly backups

ii.  Auto-built platform

iii. Annual upgrades

iv. 2 minor patches (security or urgent fix only)


2. Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Server Monitoring and improvement

a. Process monitoring and resolution

b. Regular minor and major changes

c. Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting


Enablement Program

The BizCubed Enablement Program is designed to ensure that analysts can become productive shortly after commencing a managed services agreement. There are three distinct phases to our process which achieve the following outcomes:

3. Training,

a. provides tailored training covering:

i. tools

ii. mechanics,

iii. best practice

4.  Mentoring,

a. provides the opportunity for our team to understand your teams needs and develop a broad plan

5. Coaching,

a. provides the opportunity for your team to create outcomes whilst coached by our team.


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