Enablement Program


The BizCubed Enablement Program is designed to empower your team and accelerate their ability to automate repetitive data work.

We put the tools in the hands of your most capable analysts and coach them on automating your business logic.

Once built and tested, our Managed Services team moves your processes into production, monitors, and maintains them.

BizCubed Methodology is built on best practices of security, governance and lifecycle management.

You will learn about how to use DEEP, our Data Engineering and Enablement Platform.

We will introduce to you process standards, our data maturity model and the industry best practices to ensure you achieve the best outcomes with your data.


There are three distinct phases to our process:



In this first phase, we provide your team with a foundational understanding of data management, ETLs, and drag-and-drop data pipeline tools. We also introduce BizCubed’s development standards, working with Pentaho PDI and the beginnings of business logic. We currently offer a standardard first 8 enablement sessions – “Getting Started”.



Following onboarding, BizCubed will conduct workshops to gain knowledge about a current process in order to find the best approach tailored for your data and business needs.

Based on this knowledge, BizCubed will formulate a broad migration strategy for the process identifying and classifying:

  1. Data sources
  2. Main processes
  3. Outcomes



We provide ongoing access to feedback and coaching from our Managed Services team regarding the quality and maturity of your business processes. The allows your team to continually improve and learn from the experts in the field.

We provide coaching in areas such as:

  1. Data Integration and Data source Acquisition
  2. Basic Business Analytics Process
  3. Advanced Analytics
  4. Report Design

Rather than classroom training, our enablement sessions are intended to be a way for your team to become unblocked, gain speed and knowledge.

Our Expertise

BizCubed has track record of enabling companies to outcompete by making better personalised decisions every day.

We achieve this by:

    • Enabling people like you to operationalise resource intensive data tasks
    • Coaching best practice and data governance
    • Solving the hard governance and infrastructure problems for you

Our Enablement Goals

  • To enable you to add significant value to your business by operationalising resource intensive tasks.
  • To help you build distinct personal and business capability.


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