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4 Reasons Why We Like Pentaho:

1. All of the core engines are open and standalone projects with their own community and development roadmap

  • The leads for all the core engines are Pentaho employees (they were hired by Pentaho to integrate the components)
  • This goes from the ETL through to the analysis view and data mining

2. The entire stack is Pentaho

  • For example, the ETL engine is an integral part of how Pentaho accelerates the time to value
  • The components of the platform were developed by Pentaho – they are not a coalition of other people’s products

3.  The balance between Commercial realities and Open Source is well thought out and permeates the culture

  • The Beekeeper Model of Commercial Open Source makes sense – everybody wins when many contribute rather than pay, and some pay rather than contribute
  • See James Dixon (CTO) at Pentaho blogs on Honey Bees and farmers, and a response to other COSBI vendors not wanting people to use the open versions

4.  Data is the driving element of a successful Analytics project and Pentaho is aggressively innovating in the data management space

  •  See point two
  •  Hadoop extensions and integration (one of the first)
  •  A very ‘pluggable’ data management layer means that you get a very good toolset that has far broader applicability beyond just the base product

Why choose Pentaho? NewImage.png


  • Easy to use drag and drop interfacesesigned for business users and analysts
  • Tool for everyone in the organisation
  • Pentaho’s pricing model means it is easy to choose
  • Components are metadata based so easy to understand where things are are coming from


  • Scales from 100s of rows to billions and trillions 
  • Unlimited visualisations and datasources
  • Pluggable, embeddable, extendable
  • Complete -> from ETL to reports to dashboards to data mining

Future Proof

  • Pentaho’s open source/standards means you have control
  • Vibrant community provides innovation and continued support
  • New data-sources added to platform fast
  • Data management platform enables you to take advantage of fast changing technology landscape

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