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Data Integration

Data is everywhere. Providing a consistent, single version of the truth across all sources of information is one of the biggest challenges faced by IT organisations today. Pentaho Data Integration delivers powerful Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) capabilities using an innovative, metadata-driven approach. With an intuitive, graphical, drag and drop design environment, and a proven, scalable, standards-based architecture, Pentaho Data Integration is increasingly the choice for organisations over traditional, proprietary ETL or data integration tools. NewImage.png

Pentaho Data Integration’s metadata-driven approach means you
simply specify WHAT you want to do, but not HOW you want to do it. Now administrators can create complex transformations and jobs
in a graphical, drag-and-drop
environment without having to generate any custom code. Pentaho
Data Integration is a full-featured
ETL solution including:

  • Rich transformation library
    with over 100 out-of-the-box mapping objects
  • Broad data source support including packaged applications, over 30 open source and proprietary database platforms, flat files, Excel documents, and more
  • Advanced data warehousing support for Slowly Changing and Junk Dimensions
  • Proven enterprise-class performance and scalability
  • Integration with the Pentaho BI Suite for Enterprise Information Integration (EII), advanced scheduling, and process integration

Common use cases for Pentaho Data Integration include:

  • Data warehouse population
  • Information enrichment by integrating data from various sources
  • Data migration between applications
  • Imports of data into databases from text-files, Excel spreadsheets, relational systems and more
  • Exports of data to other databases or text files
  • Data cleansing by applying complex conditions in data transformations
  • Exploration of data in existing databases (tables, views, etc.)

Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition

Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition extends Pentaho’s best-in-class open source business intelligence (BI) capabilities with additional software and services designed to help you and your organisation:

  • Achieve BI success
  • Save time, resources and money
  • Mitigate risk

Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Console

The Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Console is additional software available in Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition that provides an ETL dashboard for monitoring servers and system performance, setting minimum and maxim thresholds for jobs, and remotely controlling live ETL activities, including the starting, stopping and pausing of data integration jobs.