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Pentaho Subscriptions

The Pentaho subscription model allows for a flexible pricing to meet your needs. Subscription fees are based on the specific Pentaho package selected, the product configuration, the environment and the number of processor cores required. Most configurations allow for unlimited users. Please contact us for pricing contact@bizcubed.com.au

Features  Data Integration  Pentaho Platform
Support Plans Unlimited Unlimited
Features/Modules PDI Everything in Basic + Interactive Analyzer + Mobile
Server Cores (production) 4 Cores 8 Cores
Support Standard Standard
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited

How does Pentaho software licensing work?

Pentaho licenses its software as an annual subscription – this means there is a lower initial cost for customers to start out with Pentaho software and overall costs for the customer are more predictable as the subscription includes software, maintenance and support.


Does Pentaho have perpetual licenses?

No, Pentaho uses a subscription model exclusively.


I see Maintenance is included in the Subscription – how does my customer upgrade to the latest software?

Maintenance is included in the Pentaho subscription fee.  The license keys supplied to the customer are valid for the subscription period and if an updated software version is released during that period the customer can download the new version and continue to use their current software keys.


Do my customers need to renew their subscription even if they don’t want support?

A valid subscription is required in order to use Pentaho software.  If a customer does not renew their software subscription, their software license key expires and the Pentaho software stops working.


Can I embed Pentaho software in my software?

We have a separate program to support companies that want to embed Pentaho software in their solutions, called the Pentaho OEM program. If you are interested in doing this, please let us know by sending an email to contact@bizcubed.com.au


Licenses – Open Source / Community Edition


Is Pentaho software Open Source?

Pentaho has an open source heritage, but the subscriptions that Partners resell are commercial licenses which provide standard commercial rights to the user.


How does Pentaho position its software in the market, given the Open Source heritage?

Pentaho is a provider of enterprise software which delivers true business value to our customers business with a high return on investment. Open Source is our heritage and Pentaho will stay committed to the Open Source community by developing a separate Community Edition.


What is the Pentaho Community Edition?

The Community Edition is an open source version of certain (but not all) Pentaho software. It provides a basic set of business intelligence functionality.


What’s the difference between the Community Edition and the commercial software?

The Community Edition provides basic functionality but customers choosing this option need internal resources to manage their own release cycles, test, support and add more advanced capability.  If the customer wants enhanced functionality, certified platform support, quality assured software and guaranteed support for mission critical applications, then they need to purchase a license for Pentaho’s commercial subscription offering.


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